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Thursday, October 11, 2012

It has been a while....

I am pretty sure it is safe to say my hiatus is officially over.  I know it has been a while, due to my high risk pregnancy then a VERY needy baby that hated to be worn!  (Someone up there has a funny sense of humor, right?)

We are finally in a semi-decent mode where I can get some sewing done in between all the running of kids everywhere they need to go.

I am still only taking orders from outside of the US, but would be willing to do applique work for any of my customers.  My turn around is SLOW, as it is just me working on this and it is in between family life responsibilities.  If you have a project you think I might find interesting, feel free to email me.

I thought you all might like this picture of what it is like when I am trying to make a carrier. 

This is baby boy desperately clinging to my leg, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs because I am not holding him.  He did this the entire time I was trying to put snaps on this carrier.  "Why not just wear him?" you ask.    Well, because he hates back carriers (only seems to like hip and front carries) and even then you have to be standing and constantly moving for him to be semi-appeased.  So a back carry while I try to sew?  No Way Jose.  Unless I want previously mentioned screeching right in my ear.  Good think he is cute.  ;) 

Happy Babywearing!