Be Happy and BE SAFE!

Safety is key.
Enjoy this wonderful article written by Susan at Sweet Pickles about safe babywearing.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pieced MT on it's way home!

This Beauty is on it's way to it home! Yah! Happy Turkey Day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

update on status

I am just about finished with the Pieced MT, and about ready to cut up Neobulle wrap. I am sorry I am behind, work has been a killer. I worked late every night this past week and last week. But after this coming week, my schedule is MUCH easier, so I will have a lot of sewing time.

So thank you again for your patience everyone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CGW Pod for SALE! $150

For those of you that have been dying for a Wrapstar, this is your chance!!! This is a brand new, never used Pod.
This lovely Pod is made from a Didymos Colorgrown Waves wrap, with brown canvas straps, and a beautful cherry blossom appliqued on it.
This is a straight strapped Podeagi that is 180in long (total) and 5 in wide. It is lightly padded across the top of the blanket.
The blanket is long, about 36in I believe. I can get exact blanket measurements to interested buyers.
$150 for the Pod, this includes shipping to the US (add $5 for Canada). I also recommend the additional $1.50 for insurance.
This carrier comes from a dog and cat friendly house. I recommend washing on gentle and hanging to dry to help keep the applique looking nice.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

recent shippment

Here are 2 Mei Tais that just went out to there new homes:

This is a Naturology MT lined w/ baby blue minkee, and a bird applique on the strap.

This is a reversible Mei Tai done w/ Echino Scooters fabric on one side and the Naturology on the other. The applique is a bird riding a scooter.


I now have tags! I feel like everything is finally coming together! Thank you to everyone with all your support and kind words in helping me move forward with this.

another lovely customer photo

This lovely mamma, baby and Mei Tai is from our lovely neighbor to the north!

I think the colors on this Ikea Pumpkin Cranes MT looks lovely on her!