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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CGW Pod for SALE! $150

For those of you that have been dying for a Wrapstar, this is your chance!!! This is a brand new, never used Pod.
This lovely Pod is made from a Didymos Colorgrown Waves wrap, with brown canvas straps, and a beautful cherry blossom appliqued on it.
This is a straight strapped Podeagi that is 180in long (total) and 5 in wide. It is lightly padded across the top of the blanket.
The blanket is long, about 36in I believe. I can get exact blanket measurements to interested buyers.
$150 for the Pod, this includes shipping to the US (add $5 for Canada). I also recommend the additional $1.50 for insurance.
This carrier comes from a dog and cat friendly house. I recommend washing on gentle and hanging to dry to help keep the applique looking nice.

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  1. Sorry the pictures are so big! I tried to fix it, but it didnt work!

    If you are not a member of BabyCenter you will not be able to open the link. So if you are intersted in purchasing this Pod, you can email me.