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Friday, April 16, 2010


Tired of Stalking Etsy for a Wrapstar Custom Slot?? I dont blame you!!!! I am tired of having to remember to post them!

So for May (my birthmonth, and to celebrate my turning 30!) We will do things a little different!

For the Entire Month of May:

No more stalking for a custom slot! You will be able to get a custom slot one of two ways.

1. by submitting a creative entry. This can be short story, essay, poem, drawing, ect. it must be 500 words or less. it can be fiction, truth, ect. It does not have to be done by if you have a creative friend or family member that wants to do ti for you, feel free, but you MUST disclose that it was not done by you and have thier permission to use it. One winner will be selected each week and the story/poem/drawing will be posted on my blog. The choices do NOT start over each week. if you submit the first week of the month, you can still be chosen the last week of the month. You may also submit more than one entry. The entry MUST be about Babywearing. It can be funny, crazy, loving, sad...whatever you want! Have fun and be creative. Grammar and spelling will not be used against you, but it couldnt hurt.

please email entries to:

in the title of the email, title it "Essay Contest" and include your FIRST name. Before the "essay" part of the email, please put your name (first and last), TBW/BBC user name and your email address to contact you at.

2. the second slot of the week will be a random drawing. this will REFRESH EACH WEEK. and you are not allowed to submit your name more than once. And if you win, you cannot submit your name again.

please email entries to:

in the title of the email list it: "RANDOM DRAWING" and your name. in the body of the email include your name (first and last), TBW/BBC user name, and your email address.

This is contest is for getting a custom slot, NOT for a free carrier!!! A deposit of $50 will be required at time of selection, and normal fees will apply

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