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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I havent posted in a while....

Sorry about that everyone!

I am finishing up my last custom from the old list and working on the begining of the new custom list.

I really enjoyed everyone's customs! I love how different and unique all the appliques are. It is a lot of fun doing them.

I have been training some sewing help, so that has been great! They will be in charge of keeping my store stocked, so I can give my full attention to the custom waitlist.

Also, if you havent checked it new Website is fully up and running!
Wrapstar Babycarriers

I want to give a thank you to my friend Jen, that wrote the funny poem on the home page. And a thank you to all the mama's that submitted pictures for the photo contest! I am hoping to be able to add more pictures soon, since there are more beautiful photos that I want to use!

I am thinking about adding a "Testimonials" page to the if there is something you want to say about Wrapstar, and want everyone to know it to me! I will put it up on the website!

I am also going to work on more wearing videos. I have the Pod and Wrap conversion ones i will be working on the Mei Tai instructions here soon. But it takes a while to have everything right...showered, looking decent, happy baby, Mei Tai handy, ect.... :)

Ok, I am going to finish my hot tea, then cut up some more wraps!

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