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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

so expanding is going well...

I am slowly getting my new help trained and getting them supplies. My hope is to move away from once a month, mad-rush, store stockings....and just always have a good flow of inventory into the store.

When I add inventory to the store, I will post it on my Facebook page HERE so check there for the most current information.

We experienced some bugs with the new website. And one of the BIGGEST problems was overselling of carriers. By moving away from the mad-rush of a store stocking, we hope to help minimize that problem. Also by having inventory in the store all the time, it will help newer customers that have been having a hard time figuring out how to properly stalk and get a carrier.

I am also hoping to start having more Wrap conversions available at the store.

Spread the word of babywearing, and let me know your thoughts on this new layout for my store!


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