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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May store stocking canceled!

Sorry to disappoint everyone! I am still working furiously on custom orders and have not had time to work on stuff for a store stocking.

I apologize for any dashed hopes and dreams while we work through these growing pains.

But on a brighter note: be prepared to see some Wrapstars available with some of our favorite baby carrier vendors soon!!!

Custom slots will begin like normal starting the first week of May.

Discussions are starting as to if we should keep doing the custom slots as we are, or if we should do a wait list. I will let you all know if we decide to change our mind on how to do things.


  1. Will you be posting custom slots on Etsy today as usual for a Tuesday now that it's June?
    I know you're busy, just wondering!

  2. yes i am wondering - you mean JUNE not MAY right?