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Friday, November 19, 2010

Holy Appliqué, BATMAN!!!!

Ok, this carrier deserves a post all of its own. After about 80 emails, this carrier took on a life of it's own. We went back and forth on want materials to use, the appliqué, how to lay it out...ect. All of our hard work PAID OFF. This is the most amazing carrier. Everything was drawn free hand, and it took me forever to get it how I liked it. I love how it has two "scenes", and the simplicity of the Osneburg we used for the panel is just the perfect backdrop to this creation.

I hope you all enjoy looking at it as I did creating it!


  1. I can tell visitors to this blog that this is even prettier in person, and I get compliments and questions everywhere I use it! And, of course, it is super comfy!
    Thanks, Erin!!

  2. Don't forget to mention, the applique is mostly wrap scraps!

  3. Amazing!!
    Do you use an embroidery machine to add your custom appliques?

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